FBA Indiana Prep – Y3Pl system


  1. Allow FBA Indiana Prep Y3PL access your FBA account to automate your FBA Inbound program.
  2. You will receive an email from Y3PL Subject: Integrate your FBA With Y3PL. Click the Get Started button.
  3. The following page will appear and have you go login into your Seller Central account. Follow the steps on the right and enter the info AWS Access Key, AWS Access Secret Key, Your Seller Id


  1. FBA Indiana Prep and Y3PL understand Amazon does not like to give out certain items, but rest assured we will not do anything with that info, this is only needed to create the connection between your Seller Central API to create the inbound shipments.
  2. Once you complete and click save you will get a Thank You Screen. Your credential is Verified.
  3. Set up is complete!!

Login to our Inventory System: https://wms.fbaindianaprep.com/login

User Name and Password will be emailed to you. We do recommend to login and change your password.

Setting up your Inventory

  1. Left side menu – Relations-Vendors
  2. Add New Vendor
  3. Enter all information you can. And Save
  4. Setting up your inventory, you must have the inventory all ready set up in your Amazon Seller Inventory and set up as Fulfilled by FBA
  5. Left Menu- Inventory- Add New-
  6. Enter Basic Information-Must have the Inventory SKU is your MSKU – Inventory Name -Amazon Product Title
  7. You can track your cost and your selling Price. No other Info is needed
  8. Click Save Inventory

Create an Inbound shipment to FBA Indiana Prep

  1. Left Menu – Orders- Vendor Order
  2. Add New
  3. Select a Relation – Drop down menu with your vendor info
  4. Create a Reference # and PO
  5. Under SKU & Product- Add New Line – Enter your MSKU and search- Enter each Item for your order and add Quantity Ordered
  6. You can Add Warehouse Notes—Like Bundle-Need to verify the correct item matches, etc..
  7. Save order.

Create a Merchant Fulfilled order or Another E-commerce Sale

  1. Left Menu-Relations-Customers
  2. Add New Customer-
  3. Enter Company Name (Buyer Name) – Click Save
  4. Go To Address tab – Click Blue Square on the right to add-
  5. Enter all Info Note: company Is the Buyer Name
  6. Save Address
  7. Go to Orders on the left menu – Customer Order
  8. Add New and fill out all info and save- This will trigger our side to ship your order.
  9. Check back after we complete the shipment to get tracking info.