Amazon Account Attendant Setup

Login to your Amazon Seller Central Account

Go to settings in the upper right corner

Select Account Info

Select User Permissions

User Invitation: use our email: and click send invitation button

You will get this: email has been sent.

FBA Indiana Prep will receive a confirmation email and we will get a confirmation code that we will email back to you!

We will email a code like this to you!

Click the Confirm button if we sent the correct code

Click Add User Permissions

On the settings page Click View & Edit on Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments and click View on Fulfillment Reports, and then scroll down.

Please make sure the Manage Inventory/add products is set to View & edit and the upload inventory is view and edit

Under Settings: Fulfillment Settings click View & Edit, Then click the continue button at the bottom and you will get a success screen!

Congratulations You have Set up the Account Attendant for FBA Indiana prep!