Add Inventory via Excel Upload

Click Upload Inventory


Pop Up window-> Download Schema for Excel Template



Download your Amazon FBA Inventory from your Seller Central Account->Inventory->Manage FBA Inventory

At the top of your FBA Inventory page you have “Go to the Manage FBA Inventory Report”

If you do not have an updated download, click download- wait till you get the download button, then download and open with excel and copy the following into the

Inventory Schema: SKU (Amazon MSKU) — Name (Amazon Title) Status(needs a 1 for active) — Custom 1 (Asin) — Custom 2 (FNSKU) — Custom 3 (Condition)

When complete save your file then drag and drop on our upload pop up window.  Your inventory should pull into our system.

*Note in the upload the status column must have a #1 in each row of inventory to upload in our system.