Create a Vendor Order (supplier to FBA Indiana Prep)


Orders->Vendor Order

Add New ->Select a Relation (supplier name) bill to and Ship to needed from drop down– If nothing drops down then you will need to go back to relations menu and vendors and edit a vendor and add address.

Reference # is needed – Your own reference number. all other information in the top section is if you want to track

Down under SKU & Product – Search via MSKU from amazon – Enter Quantity Ordered and continue adding items.

When all items are entered for your order– > Save Order



After you save a new screen with a new section on the right will appear. *Note we recommend you wait to do the next step after you get conformation from your supplier with the quantities verified.

When you get conformation -> Under the shipments-> Click Here-> This will send the order to our system letting us know a shipment is on the way.