We have tried to answer the most common questions below. If you did not find your answer please Contact Us and we will get back to you shortly!

Fist step is to sign up for an account, then register in our Client Login Area You will also need to set up an Account Assistant on your Amazon Account. Follow the directions for Account Assistant.

Please make sure we have your email address so the Account Assistant can be completed. Even if you are just getting ready and do not have a shipment ready to send please contact us!

Yes we can handle your OA and RA orders, When placing order just plug in our shipping address

Yes we do all of these we can handle small and large volume sellers

We can not be the Importer of Record for your shipment. We can receive shipments if someone else handles the Custom/duties. If you are shipping through a large Carrier such as DHL or UPS, they usually will handle all the customs/duties tasks. If you are with a different carrier you will have to work with a customs agent.

Yes We have plenty of room in our warehouse to store your products until you are ready to ship to Amazon or we Can fulfill your orders in house.

We use the same Principles as Amazon uses with its FBA Program. Any unit 18 Inches or more on its longest side or weighs over 20 pounds is Considered Oversize.