Using Inventory App to send Products to FBA Indiana Prep

Link to app:


Login with your user name and password that has been emailed to you. If you have not received your login info please email


Step 1- Set up your suppliers by going to Admin>Suppliers

Top Menu Bar click New Supplier. Enter your supplier information (required fields: Supplier Name, Address, City, State, Zip) all other fields are optional and you can use for your info. Click Save.

Do this for all your suppliers.

Once you have all your suppliers in the system it is time to add your inventory items you will be selling on Amazon FBA.

There are a couple of options to complete this.

The best and most accurate will be to download your Amazon FBA Inventory file.

Login to Amazon Seller Central>Go to Reports>Fulfillment

In the left menu under Inventory>Show More

In the left menu>Manage FBA Inventory>Request Download (it can take a few minutes to populate the report, when its completed click the download button and save it to a location you will remember.



Open the download file and verify the sku, fnsku, asin, and product-name are complete (columns in yellow). These are the only columns we need to upload your items into our system. The columns in red you can delete and re-save the file and email to

Once we upload the inventory you are all set to create purchase orders.

If you need to Add item manually please follow these steps below.

Go to Admin>Items>New Item

Enter SKU (Amazon MSKU), FNSKU, Title/Description(Full Amazon Listing Title) and Scroll down



Enter FNSKU (again) and ASIN.  All the other fields are optional. If you have the UPC code this is helpful for us to check in your items.

Scroll back up and save

After saving you will see a new “Add Image” You can download the amazon listing image and upload here.  This is helpful for us to verify your items are the same when we receive them in. Click Save to save the image.

Do this for all your items

Create Purchase Orders – Your incoming shipment to FBA Indiana Prep


Go to Purchasing>New Purchase Order


In the supplier search bar, start typing the name of your supplier and it will populate below and click on the correct supplier


Enter your PO Number (this should be your PO Number with your supplier or the Order Number) this allows us to match your shipments when they arrive to match up packing slips. And click Next


Add your items you are ordering. start typing the sku, fnsku or title in the add item search bar and select the item that populates. If this is a new item that is not listed you can click create item to do a quick add, this is not recommended but can be done and then go back to admin>items> and update



Enter the Quantity Ordered and repeat for each item. After entering all your items click the next button


Verify the purchase and click confirm. You must confirm for FBA Indiana Prep to see the incoming order.



Congratulations you have just completed your first Purchase order.

Create separate Purchase orders every-time you place an order with your suppliers.  This allows us to verify we receive the correct items.


You should receive an email when FBA Indiana Prep receives your items and they are checked in. You will also receive an email when we ship our your items to Amazon FBA warehouses.

If you have any questions please email